Doctors Quality Reporting Network

Time is slipping away for healthcare providers to prepare to meet the requirements of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for 2017.

KHIN is launching a new product and service that can ease some of the burden often associated with quality reporting through a qualified clinical data registry (QCDR) – the new Doctors Quality Reporting Network. KHIN applied to be a QCDR because KHIN has much of the data necessary for reporting quality measures, advancing care information and improvement activities for our physician practices already in the KHIN exchange. KHIN has the unique opportunity to run the measures across the data available within KHIN and streamline the reporting for you.

The Doctors Quality Reporting Network, sponsored by KHIN, is CMS-approved to submit data for twenty one Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs). These measures, certified by the National Quality Care Association and ONC are standardized and intended to provide reliable indicators of high quality patient care. The metrics cover management of chronic diseases, preventive care screening, use of appropriate medications and overall cost of care reductions. These indicators are required elements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Quality Payment Programs initiated this year.

What you Need To Know to have KHIN prepare your 2017 quality reports and submit them the registry:

  • KHIN will report for the first 250 physicians/healthcare providers who inquire.
  • You must be sharing data with KHIN in order to participate.
  • You should determine which measures you plan to report on for 2017. Download PDF
  • Interested parties who would like to learn more or begin the process should contact Laura McCrary, Ed.D, KHIN Executive Director

The process to get started begins with an introductory call at which time we will discuss obtaining a patient list from your eligible clinician or group for the reporting period of Jan 1 – current. The patient list consists of anyone who has had an office visit with you since Jan. 1. We will then run the quality measures for either one physician or the practice. When the reports are ready, we will contact you to schedule a webinar to review the report, and determine if you would like the Doctors Quality Reporting Network to submit your measures to CMS for 2017.

If you determine you would like the Doctors Quality Reporting Network to submit the eCQM quality measures on your behalf, we will send you the purchase order for the QCDR service fee for $285/per submission, which includes the KaMMCO Health Solutions dashboards. If you have already purchased the dashboards the fee is reduced.

Please contact Dr. Laura McCrary for more information today.

Disclaimer: Each vendor has reviewed their organization’s information below and provided confirmation of accuracy. Information included in this document was accurate at the time of posting; however CMS cannot guarantee that these services will be available or that the vendor will be successful uploading their files during the submission period. CMS cannot guarantee an eligible clinicians success in providing data for the program. Successful submission is contingent upon following the MIPS program requirements, the timeliness, quality, and accuracy of the eligible clinicians’ data provided for reporting, and the timeliness, quality, and accuracy of the vendor.

Download the PDF version