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July-August 2012

Join KHIN now: seeking Phase IV participants

KHIN is now planning our integration work for the second half of 2013. Please contact KHIN staff if you are a Kansas healthcare organization that has an electronic health record (EHR) or if you anticipate implementing an EHR during 2012 or early 2013 and have not yet joined KHIN.

The KHIN staff will come to your facility and discuss the process of joining KHIN and what products and services are available for you immediately. Working through this process will help ensure that KHIN has allocated resources for your healthcare facility when you are ready to share information with other health care providers across the state.

More providers going live with KHIN

Typing hands_stethoscopeTwo of the five KHIN Phase I sites are live and the remaining three are going live in early September 2012. While the KHIN staff have been focused on our early adopters they have also been working closely with our next two waves of KHIN Participants.

The Phase II KHIN Participants listed below are hospitals or clinics that are already in the process of testing their data with KHIN. All Phase II Participants are scheduled to move their data into the KHIN Production Environment and go live by the end of 2012. The following list shows the timeframe for Phase II Participants to go live with data exchange.

September 30, 2012

  • Cheyenne County Hospital
  • Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas, Inc.
  • Great Plains of Ellinwood dba Ellinwood District Hospital
  • Fredonia Regional Hospital
  • Via Christi Hospital Pittsburg Inc.

October 30, 2012

  • Meade District Hospital dba Artesian Health System
  • Newton Medical Center
  • Wichita Family Medicine Specialists, L.L.C.
  • Comanche County Hospital
  • Kiowa County Memorial Hospital
  • Lane County Hospital
  • Minneola District Hospital
  • Osbourne County Memorial Hospital
  • Phillips County Hospital
  • Rawlins County Health Center
  • Republic County Hospital
  • Sabetha Community Hospital
  • Mercy Regional Health Center Inc.
  • Wamego City Hospital

November 30, 2012

  • McPherson Hospital, Inc.
  • Via Christi Health Inc.
  • Via Christi Health Inc.
  • Kansas Spine Hospital, L.L.C.
  • Salina Regional Health Center
  • Santanta District Hospital, Clinics & LTCU
  • Smith County Memorial Hospital
  • Trego Co.-Lemke Memorial Hospital

December 30, 2012

  • University of Kansas Hospital Authority

Phase III Participants are those who have signed a Participation Agreement with KHIN and are preparing for data testing to begin mid-Fall 2012 with integration into KHIN during the first half of 2013.

Q1-Q2 2013

  • Ashland Health Center
  • Coffeyville Regional Medical Center
  • ComCare of Sedgwick County
  • Family Medicine East, Chartered
  • Grace Med Health Clinic, Inc.
  • Great Bend Regional Hospital L.L.C.
  • Health Partnership Clinic
  • Konza Prairie Community Health Center, Inc.
  • Labette County Medical Center
  • McPeak Optometry
  • Memorial Health System
  • Morton County Health System
  • Sedgwick County Health Department
  • Sumner County Hospital District No. 1
  • Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital
  • University of Kansas School of Medicine -Wichita Medical Practice Association
  • West Wichita Family Physicians, P.A.
  • William Newton Hospital
  • Wichita County Health Center
  • Medicine Lodge Memorial Hospital

KHIN is currently identifying Kansas healthcare facilities for Phase IV. See related article. If you are interested in discussing joining KHIN please contact Laura McCrary at

KHIN-KDHE partner on public health

KDHELogoA key focus for the KHIN Board of Directors is to assist the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) in streamlining the assimilation and reporting of key public health measures including immunizations, syndromic surveillance information and reportable diseases. KHIN is also focused upon supporting all KHIN members in meeting the public health measures that are required in the Proposed Stage 2 Meaningful Use Measures. This newsletter will provide regular updates regarding KHIN's work with KDHE.

WebIZ-Kansas Immunization Registry

  • In the Fall of 2011 KHIN began working with WebIZ to build a custom outbound interface that allows all KHIN participants to automatically send immunization information from their EHR to WebIZ. This interface is fully functional now and will meet the Stage 2 MU requirement for KHIN Participants.
  • KHIN and KDHE are building the XCA functionality that will allow KHIN Participants to query WebIZ for immunization information and pull this back into their EHR. This work is projected to be complete in January 2013.

BioSense-Syndromic Surveillance

  • BioSense is the vendor that provides syndromic surveillance for KDHE. KHIN, KDHE and BioSense are working together to build a custom outbound HL7 2.x interface to BioSense. KHIN will send de-identified diagnosis codes from KHIN Participants to BioSense. KDHE authorized entities will be provided access to the aggregate information. This work is projected to be complete in October 2012 and will meet the Stage 2 MU requirement for KHIN Participants.

EpiTrax—Reportable Diseases

  • KHIN and KDHE are just now developing the work plan for the delivery of reportable disease information to KDHE and local public health departments. As this plan is fully developed more information will be available.

For more information on these projects please contact Michelle McGuire.

KHIN implements DIRECT

Direct Project_logoIn early July 2012 KHIN upgraded its secure messaging capabilities to DIRECT. DIRECT is a method of securely exchanging personal health information on shared patients between authorized providers. DIRECT was developed by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). Its purpose is to provide a common set of standards for secure information exchange for health care providers. As of early August 2012 KHIN had provided 1600 prescribing providers and over 2000 total users with DIRECT access. It is not necessary for the provider to have an electronic health record (EHR) to utilize DIRECT. All that is required is a computer and internet access. For more information on DIRECT contact Tiffanie Hickman at

New "e-hub" established for KHIN users

eClinicalWorksKHIN and eClinicalWorks (eCW) have been working closely together for the last 12 months to build a ehub that will assist Kansas practices that use the eClinicalWorks electronic medical record product to connect easily and at low cost to KHIN. KHIN and eCW have built a hub that sits between eCW customers and KHIN. The hub allows all KHIN eCW customers to connect to the hub and the hub is then connected to the KHIN exchange platform Laura McCrary Ed.D said "the eCW eHUB reduces the number of individual interfaces that have to be built from the eCW customer to KHIN and significantly reduces the work burden on the provider practice that is generally required in building and maintaining the interface."

Connecting to KHIN through the eCW hub is reduces the cost for providers. In 2011 KHIN negotiated a reduction in the eCW fees for KHIN customers. eCW customers who join KHIN will have no interface cost due to eCW as long as they are members of APS or worked with the Regional Extension Center. Additionally, maintenance fees due to eCW will only be $25 per provider per month rather than $75 per member per month that may be charged to non-KHIN customers.

Wichita Family Medicine Specialists are the first practice to share data with KHIN through the eCW hub and they are scheduled to begin data testing through the hub this month.

KHIN's Hospitals & Clinics

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