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January-February 2014

NEW: KHIN Bi-monthly informational conference call

Starting on February 20, 2014 KHIN will sponsor a bi-monthly conference call open to all current KHIN Members. The conference call will provide a venue where KHIN Members can pose questions directly to KHIN staff as well as learn about new developments. A meeting invite with call in information will be sent to KHIN client administrators and KHIN compliance officers. The meeting invite may be forwarded to others as needed. Prior to the conference call we will solicit agenda items from KHIN members. Look for more information at the end of January 2014.

Seeking 3 pilot sites for SmartAlerts

In 2014 KHIN will begin providing alerts to interested KHIN Members. KHIN is hoping to establish three pilot sites (rural and urban) across the state that will use a variety of alerts to improve care for patients. The alerts can be configured based upon what each pilot is seeking. Some examples that are under consideration include the following:

  1. A group of physicians would like to be alerted when their patient is admitted/discharged from the hospital emergency department.
  2. A group of physicians would like to be alerted when their patient is admitted/ discharged from the hospital inpatient department.
  3. A community mental health center would like to be alerted when a patient is admitted/discharged from psychiatric services.
  4. Health care providers are alerted when a patient dies.

In simple terms, the SmartAlerts process works like this:

  1. A health care provider signs up for alerts and chooses the patients he or she wants to be notified about.
  2. This list is provided to KHIN.
  3. An event (admission or discharge) triggers an Admit, Discharge, or Transfer (ADT) message to be sent to KHIN.
  4. KHIN uses information contained within the ADT message (such as patient demographic data and provider information) to associate the patient with his/her doctor or caregiver.
  5. KHIN sends an electronic notification with the relevant information to the provider via their Direct messaging system. The provider also receives notification of the message in their regular email.

 If you are a KHIN member and would like more information on the SmartAlerts project please contact Laura McCrary at or 785-409-5200.


KHIN adds new board members in 2014

The KHIN Board of Directors is pleased to announce that two new Board members will be joining the KHIN Board of Directors at their annual meeting in February, 2014. KHIN is pleased to welcome Joe Davison, MD and Ms. Jackie John.

Joe DavisonJoe Davison MD will act as a physician representative to the KHIN Board. Dr. Davison received his medical degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1981. He completed his family practice residency at St. Joseph Medical Center in Wichita, KS and began his career in medicine at West Wichita Family Physicians. Dr. Davison is board certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Davison has a long history of supporting health information exchange in Kansas and most recently served as the Chairperson of the Kansas Health Information Exchange (KHIE) Board of Directors.

Jackie JohnMs. Jackie John will act as a consumer representative to the KHIN Board. Ms. John received a nursing degree from Fort Hays State College and most recently was employed by the Great Plains Health Alliance (GPHA) as Vice President of Resource Development and Regional Operations. Ms. John also has a long history of supporting health information exchange and most recently served as the Vice Chair of the Kansas Health Information Exchange (KHIE) and the Chair of the Kansas Health Collaborative. Ms. John is retired and represents the Kansas health care consumer.

For more information on all of the KHIN Board members please visit the KHIN website at

KHIN to include substance abuse data

Beginning in 2014 KHIN will include information related to a patient's substance abuse diagnosis and medications in the exchange. This information has special protections under federal law (42 CFR Part 2) and may only be disclosed with the patient's consent or in the event of a medical emergency. KHIN has developed a policy, KHIN Security Override for Point of Care Disclosure and a Patient Consent Form that can be signed by the patient at the point of care if they are willing to allow their health information to be viewed in KHIN.

The policy and form have been reviewed and approved by the National Council of Community Mental Health Centers and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Please contact Laura McCrary at if you have additional questions.

KHIN to assist in meeting MU2; public health reporting

KDHELogoAs a part of your KHIN membership we will assist you in transporting your public health data to meet MU2 requirements. Since KHIN is approved by KDHE to transport your data this will save you time and resources.

Hospitals are required to meet three core public health measures (1) sending immunizations to the state immunization registry, WebIZ, (2) sending syndromic surveillance messages to BioSense and (3) sending electronic lab results for reportable diseases to EpiTrax. KHIN is already approved by KDHE to transport immunizations and syndromic surveillance messages for all KHIN members and we are testing electronic lab reporting now.

Physician practices are only required to meet one core public health measure (1) sending immunizations to the state immunization registry. However, they must choose 3 of 6 menu objectives that include data transport to public health. KHIN can assist you in the meeting the following 3 objectives: (1) submitting electronic syndromic surveillance data to Bio Sense; (2) reporting cancer cases to the state cancer registry; and (3) reporting infectious diseases to the state infectious disease registry.

If you are planning on attesting to MU2 in 2014, and would like for KHIN to assist you, please contact your project manager to schedule a call to determine your timeline and next steps.


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