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Fall 2014

KHIN DIRECTory launching in November 2014

DIRECToryIn November, KHIN will launch its new tool, the DIRECTory, making it possible for KHIN Members to access and maintain the over 10,000 DIRECT addresses for Providers in Kansas and in surrounding states. KHIN is excited to be able to address the time consuming problem of manually keeping track of DIRECT addresses. KHIN members have several ways to secure DIRECT email addresses. Many use KHIN's DIRECT product, others use the DIRECT product that is included with their EHR, and still other KHIN members use KHIN's DIRECT product through an XDR integration. This variability has resulted in a manual process to keep track of all of these DIRECT addresses. Upon its launch in November, the KHIN DIRECTory will allow KHIN Members to perform DIRECT address searches, maintain their own addresses and even sort and download address to be uploaded seamlessly into a providers EHR or XDR Integration.

If you have questions regarding the KHIN DIRECTory please contact Tiffanie Hickman at

MyKSHealth eRecords: Phase 2

MyKSHealth-e-Records LogoKHIN will implement phase 2 of the MyKSHealth eRecords in November. MyKSHealth eRecords is the KHIN Personal Health Record (PHR) that is available, for free, to all patients who receive care from Kansas health care providers. Currently, 22 KHIN members are participating in a pilot program with MyKSHealth eRecords. Once complete, phase 2 will connect the KHIN exchange to the KHIN PHR. Thus, when a summary of care document is sent to KHIN the patient will automatically receive their new health care information through their MyKSHealth eRecords account.

Phase 2 of MyKSHealth eRecords will provide a number of benefits to patients and providers. As patients receive care from multiple providers and have patient information residing within multiple patient portals, their personal health information becomes harder and harder to manage. The implementation of Phase 2 will help provide patients with a longitudinal patient medical record, will notify patients when new information is available and will allow patients to securely email their providers. Simultaneously, KHIN Members are saving thousands of dollars by not having to purchase a modular patient portal and are using MyKSHealth eRecords to achieve the Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements related to 5% of patients Viewing, Downloading or Transferring (VDT) their summary of care document.

If you are interested in learning more about MyKSHealth eRecords please contact Michelle McGuire at

100 is the Magic Number

100This fall season marks its place in KHIN history and there is reason to celebrate. In September, KHIN gained its 100th Hospital Member! The KHIN Staff are working closely with these hospitals ensuring that they can share their data with other KHIN Members. With 130 Hospitals in Kansas, KHIN is excited to boast an 80% Market Share in Hospital Membership bringing better care to patients in Kansas.

With this milestone under our belt, KHIN's relentless staff didn't stop there. On October, 15th KHIN completed its 100th Integration. Completed integrations ensure a more robust longitudinal record for patients resulting in better care. KHIN now has more completed integrations than any other health information exchange in the United States. While these accomplishments are significant for KHIN, the staff and administration are excited to share these wins with their member partners and with all Kansans. With 100 Hospital Members and 100 Completed Integrations, all Kansans can enjoy improved health care quality, coordination and efficiency.

KanCare MCOs Working Through KHIN to Improve Care

KanCare-LogoThe staff at KHIN are working closely with the three Kansas Medicaid MCOs to ensure they have accurate, up-to-date information on their Kansas Medicaid patients. This relationship ensures that care advocates have the real-time information they need to assist Medicaid patients as they need support in obtaining medications or when discharging from a hospital. Amerigroup and United Health Care are both KHIN members and have begun querying KHIN for longitudinal information on their members. They also use KHIN for secure DIRECT messaging and are beginning to use reports to ensure they have the most recent information on their Medicaid members, in order to help reduce Medicaid costs and improve care for their Kansas patients.

KHIN Members Meet MU2 Requirements

EHRIncentiveLogowebKHIN is pleased to announce that all of the KHIN Hospitals and Clinics that attested to Meaningful Use Stage 2 in the last two, 90-day, attestation periods (April & July) have met their MU2 requirements. We are proud to have helped our members receive their incentive payments and avoid the 2015 penalties. This significant achievement reflects the work and commitment of our Members, the KHIN/ICA Team and the KDHE Staff.

In meeting Meaningful Use State 2 Requirements, KHIN supports its member organizations in many ways:

  • Transporting the public health measures to the appropriate registry including: immunizations, syndromic surveillance, electronic lab reporting, cancer registry reporting and the Kansas state infectious disease registry.
  • Meeting the transition of care requirements through the KHIN eHealth Exchange option or by sending DIRECT messages with the CCDA attached.
  • Enabling outbound DIRECT Messaging with an XDR Connection
  • Meeting the patient engagement requirements in the area of View Download and Transmit, Secure Messaging and Patient Education through KHIN's MyKSHealth eRecords.

These achievements are significant for everyone involved and the KHIN/ICA team are proud to help our members meet their meaningful Use Requirements.

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