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MyKSHealth eRecords—Patient Authentication—Input Requested

MyKSHealth e Records LogoMyKSHealth eRecords is currently used by 38 KHIN members and over 10,000 Kansas patients as their primary patient portal. We understand that it is time consuming for our members to authenticate and link their patients to their MyKSHealth eRecords account. Similarly, patients must ask each of their providers for this authentication in order to have all of their records stored in one location. To reduce these barriers, KHIN is exploring options that would allow patients to authenticate themselves by dialing a toll free number or by accessing a secure website. Using a commercially available authentication software, patients will answer a series of questions. If the questions were answered correctly the patient would be linked to all summary of care documents available in the exhange. CCDs/CCDAs would flow to the patient automatically including any historical CCD/CCDAs and any new data from that point forward.

KHIN is considering charging patients a small startup and membership fee. This would help to defray the costs associated with starting and staffing the KHIN call center. KHIN is very interested in hearing your thoughts about this. Please feel free to email Laura McCrary Ed.D, KHIN Executive Director at

MyKSHealth eRecords is KHIN’s personal health record for patients who have received health care in Kansas. It is powered by NoMoreClipboard and is ONC certified. Key functionality includes:

  1. DIRECT message accounts for patients to communicate with their health care providers
  2. Health education in English and Spanish using Healthwise content
  3. Automatic delivery of health information/CCD/CCDA from facilities that have authenticated and linked the patient
  4. Electronic storage of important health documents
  5. Patient entered data for important metrics (blood pressure, weight, nutrition etc.)

KHIN Secondary Data--Available in April 2015--Request an Application Now

In February of 2015, the KHIN Board of Directors approved a secondary data use policy that allows KHIN to provide de-identified health information to approved organizations for the following purposes:

  1. Medical research
  2. Public health and population health
  3. Program evaluation
  4. Quality improvement/assurances
  5. Clinical best practices/evidence-based medicine
  6. Health care cost containment/promotion of efficiencies

We are pleased to report that almost all KHIN members have agreed to share their de-identified health information for the purposes listed above. Please contact Kari Jackson at to receive an application. Please note that all applications must be for the purposes listed above. No other purposes will be considered.

KHIN Image Sharing Pilot—FAST and FREE for 10 KHIN Members

OIMS email logo 200x92KHIN is pleased to announce that 10 KHIN members will be piloting a new model for sharing DICOM images (X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.). This model builds on the DIRECT secure messaging functionality that is widely available in 2014 Certified EHRs. The process is simple, the cost is low and it allows physicians and patients with a DIRECT email address (provided by KHIN or another vendor) to receive, view and download images to their PACS system.

The process is simple and straightforward:

  1. After the study is complete, it is saved to a “virtual CD” using a software provided by Offsite Image Management. The virtual CD is stored in KHIN’s hosting environment for up to 60 days.
  2. The software generates a unique URL along with a username and password.
  3. This information is sent to the receiving physician or radiology department in a DIRECT message.
  4. The receiving physician clicks on the URL and enters the user name and password provided.
  5. A zero footprint viewer is used to view the image
  6. Physician chooses to download it to their PACS system.

This same process can also be used to provide these images to patients in KHIN’s Personal Health Record called MyKSHealth eRecords.

If your hospital or practice does imaging, and would like to participate in this pilot, please contact Mary Matzke at

KHIN Connection to HIETexas

HIETexasLogoNoCommunityTaglineKHIN members using the KHINex Web Portal will notice new functionality this month as KHIN finalizes its first eHealth Exchange connection with HIETexas. This connection will allow KHIN members to query health care information for patients that have received care in Austin, TX and Houston, TX. HIETexas members will also be able to query KHIN for information regarding care in Kansas.

KHIN members who access health information from within their EHR (EPIC, Allscripts, GE Centricity, CPSI, eCW) will need to check with their EHR vendor regarding how they access Texas data. Please contact your KHIN project manager for assistance with this.

KHIN/ICA SmartAlerts—Call to Find Out More!

SmartAlertsKHIN now has ICA SmartAlerts available. SmartAlerts can be set to send alerts on high risk patients or those patients that are a part of an Accountable Care Organization – they are configurable. The alerts originate from KHIN health information exchange data and provide timely information for care coordination on at-risk patients. Alerts are delivered using DIRECT secure messaging to a pre-determined care team or provider. Some examples of alerts include the following;

  1. Alert that a specified patient has been admitted/discharged from the hospital
  2. Alert that a specified patient has a new medication prescribed
  3. Alert that that specified patient has lab values that are in the critical range

Please contact Laura McCrary at to schedule a demonstration and to learn more.


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